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BurnerMate TS Boiler Control System

BurnerMate TS is a custom programmable boiler control and flame safeguard system that includes one or two DCS-III loop controllers and a flame safeguard microprocessor communicating via Modbus with a 10” or 15” OIT touch screen.

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BurnerMate Universal Boiler Control System

Complete boiler control in an economical, off-the-shelf, pre-programmed controller. Separate processors are used for flame safeguard and combustion control for NFPA 85 compliance. Configuration is done in the field using the LCD touch pad, the optional touch screen, or our exclusive BMU_Edit software running on your PC. The BurnerMate Universal is available for immediate delivery, requires no programming, and is U.L. recognized.

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BurnerMate Universal Industrial

Our U.L. recognized and FM Approved expanded system offers complete fully metered boiler control in an economical, off-the-shelf, pre-programmed controller. Separate processors are used for flame safeguard and combustion control providing NFPA 85 compliance.

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BurnerMate Universal: BMU-Edit

Easy pull-down menus and text boxes allow you to make a complete set of parameter selections in your office, write them into the BMU chassis either before installation or during commissioning, and much more.

Chief Dispatcher Boiler Plant Master Control System

The Chief Dispatcher boiler plant master provides lead lag control for up to ten boilers. It monitors a common steam header pressure or hot water temperature transmitter and provides on off, and modulating control of burner firing rate.

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Hawk Replacement System

The Preferred Hawk Replacement System is BurnerMate TS configured to be a wire-for-wire replacement for obsolete CB Hawk and Honeywell BCS 7700 boiler controllers.

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The JC-22-HDPCO-8  is a draft range differential pressure switch with red warning light and time delayed cutout relay contacts. The normally energized cutout relay contacts open when the differential pressure is higher than the setpoint for more than 8 seconds. The setpoint is field adjustable over the 0.05” to 9.0”wc range. The JC-22-HDPCO-8 is a direct replacement for the Hays Cleveland model # AFS-952-55-B.

SCADA/Flex Distributed Control System

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are designed to provide remote operation, graphic display of information, alarm message display, report generation, historical trending and remote controller tuning. The SCADA system can be networked to the boiler control and burner management systems. Our SCADA/FLEX Distributed Control System is a robust plant optimizing solution providing the ability to monitor and control plant wide processes from a single location.

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UtilitySaver Boiler Retrofit Controller

The UtilitySaver Burner Control System is designed to minimize total energy consumption of a burner (both fuel and electricity usage). UtilitySaver combines the fuel savings of an Oxygen trim system with the electrical kWh savings of a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) FD fan. UtilitySaver is intended for installation on an existing burner with either a Jackshaft or parallel positioning combustion control system.

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