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Johnston Boilers

509 Series Boiler 4-pass Scotch Marine boiler

Water backed reliability with 4-pass design efficiency

509 Series Boiler 4-pass Scotch Marine boiler Brochure (PDF)

XID Scotch Marine Boiler

The XID Boiler Is designed specifically for industrial process steam instillations requiring extremely dry steam, high peak demand and rapidly changing loads

XID Scotch Marine Boiler  Brochure (PDF)

358 Series Boiler

The Buckeye Boiler: Heating, power, and process.

358 Series Boiler  Brochure (PDF)

309 Series Boiler

The Johnston 3-pass boiler has large steam and water storage areas, high efficiencies, and the ability to meet wide load demands.

309 Series Boiler Brochure (PDF)

WHR Series Boiler

Johnston Boiler Company has been involved in the waste heat recovery business for over 40 years of it’s 150-year existence. The growth of the cogeneration market as well as the continuing need for increased efficiency led to substantial interest in Johnston Boiler’s waste heat boilers.

WHR Series Boiler Brochure (PDF)