About Fuel Oil Handling

Conceptual System Design

BEC Equipment, LLC is involved in all types of systems. we can bring the “best in class” from many different applications. We can consult with you from the ground up on matching your needs with the proper system to handle your fuel oil needs that will provide a reliable cost effective solution. We understand that these systems may not be used often, but when they are called upon to work – they have to work flawlessly.

Detailed System Design and Sizing

BEC can work with you to size the pumps to match your requirements, to size the piping to give you a cost effective installation and will perform suction and discharge calculations to make sure the system provides reliable service. As controls systems become more involved with these systems we will also help layout a system that will provide safe and reliable service and provide the informational needs of the facility. We can also work with the commissioning agent to layout the commissioning procedure customer for each installation.

Overall Project Management

Once a project is started we can help with management of that project throughout its lifetime. BEC can help maintain the time schedule with is typically so important on these project. Steps that are critical are the submittal process, parts purchasing, assembly and testing, timely shipment, installation help for the contractors, startup, commissioning and training.


The pump sets, day tanks and filtration systems are manufactured to the latest industry standards. Control panels are manufactured to UL508 standards and are fully tested at the factory.


Once installed factory trained representatives will help with startup of the equipment. Typically they are also available for installation help where they will meet with the installers to makes sure the equipment is installed properly the first time eliminating costly and “time delay” rework at the job site.


Our equipment is designed to make commissioning easier. Our factory trained representatives will be available to help with commissioning.


All system are fully documented with equipment drawings and electrical schematics. Sequence of Operation documents are also included for all the control equipment.


After the system is installed, started up and commissioned our factory trained representatives are available for training.

Life Cycle Support

For the life of the product we are available for support. Typically these systems once installed and commissioned will require very little support, but if it comes up we are available to help with parts, field service, and design upgrade services. If you have a filtration system we will support your needs with replacement filters and chemical additives.

Check Out the Products below

Fuel Oil Pump Skids
Duplex Pump Sets are designed to reliably provide fuel oil to emergency generators or boilers. The pump sets are complete packages with all the pumping equipment mounted to a skid with all the controls either mounted to the pump set skid or mounted remotely. All control panels are UL508 designed.
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Fuel Oil Day Tanks
Day tanks are designed to reliably provide fuel oil storage for emergency generators or boilers. The day tanks are a complete package with all the required instrumentation and pumping equipment mounted to the day tank. Control panels can be mounted to the day tank or mounted close by (wall mounted), these control panels are UL508 designed.
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Fuel Oil Filtration Systems
larger amounts of fuel is being stored for even longer periods of time the need for filtration is even greater.Fuel Oil over time will degrade in two areas. First microbes will grow in the oil which will affect the reliability of the generator itself. Second the quality of the fuel will degrade over time which could also affect the performance of the overall generator system. To maintain your fuel in top condition a filtration system is used.
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Fuel Oil Pump Sets
Fuel Oil Pump Sets Brochure

Fuel Oil Day Tanks
Fuel Oil Day Tanks Brochure

Fuel Oil Filtration Systems
Fuel Oil Filtration Systems Brochure